Tall, dark and handsome!

As sudden as the idea of writing this blog popped into my mind, that sudden was his entry into my life. Tall, dark and handsome is how I saw him then…see him now. One fine day I woke up and there he was. Looking back at me, with a smile on his face. That smile is destructive. He doesn’t know its power himself. Leaves all girls who’re faced with him in a frenzy. Left me the same way too. Constantly engaged in a struggle to get that smile to play on his lips, just for me….

Over time, sometimes that smile slipped. And that is when I saw the vulnerable him. My ‘superhuman’ had a down side too. Like a roller coaster our lives are. And his was no exception. I lived those ups and downs with him….and with every ‘bend in the road’, found myself more and more involved. I learnt as I loved, lived as I loved.

With him by my side, I grew. Shed away my childish airs and embraced a little ‘grown up’ ness. He changed me, that guy did. In every way possible. And for that I am thankful……ever grateful.

Because he taught me to love……

The life that is given!