London i…!

Wednesday 19 September,2012

I am up and about even before the sun has decided to peek over the horizon.  The after-effects of jet lag…or maybe the pressure of managing the day and the various activities it offers within next few hours. Everything here shuts at 5. And my brain is mentally wired to get my chores done mostly in the evening. Late nights are frequent with me, and early mornings a rarity. On the other side of the continent, my habits also seem to have flipped priorities.

Cooking for myself is one of those. Patience has always evaded me in the kitchen. But out here, surprise overwhelms the low patience. Come to think of it, over 50% of the day goes in either thinking up the menu for the next meal or in actually preparing it…and of course, cleaning up afterwards..! Thanks to Anushka, my housemate, kitchen chores don’t seem so bad. Now that we have split responsibilites. The first dinner together was an adventure and a good one too. The rice cooked well, the fire alarm didn’t sound off, the strawberry mousse packs I bought served good dessert. The butter went in a tad bit too much, but the curd we created into a side dish balanced the taste and look. And then we just sat about, mourning about India going to the dogs and yet silently glad we were joined by that one common thread….of being born an Indian.  🙂


One thought on “London i…!”

  1. Tell me if you ever need help in cooking “waran-fala”, now, as per my dear mother, am an expert in that! so lmk!

    by the way! now that you cook, you have to invite us for a feast 🙂

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