London i…!

Thursday 20 September, 2012

So today begins the teaching. The real reason for uprooting myself from my motherland and landing up in this foreign country. The pull of language stretching across borders. The system is different, the approach to teaching absolutely alien. And yet, at the very core the topics are the same. It is, after all, the presentation that makes a world of difference.

Everyone is a fresher here…even the locals. And that is the best part of this campus  I would say. The fact that no one gives you a second glance just because you are dark-skinned. Life goes on normal for everyone, no matter what part of the world you come from. There is not ‘much ado about nothing’ 😉

The teaching is another fascinating part out here. The professor is a little less than a friend, with the way she interacts and talks. The lectures are absolute bouncers…or today’s was I should be saying hehe since the study system differs so very much. The only positive part, my prior knowledge is upto the mark..! But it is going to take me a while to get used to the way lectures occur. A lot is left to the student…whether that is good or bad I really cannot say. Today has only been the first day…

But yes, the library has enough to keep you busy and so here I am, burdened with books on the first day itself. So hello PG life 😛


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