London i …!

Tuesday 18 September,2012.

I hear a creaking right over my head. It feels like the whole house is going to fall on my head. A gushing sound begins parallely and for a second I find myself wondering what a waterfall is doing nearby. And then something pings….umm clicks! I am in a ‘full house’…with everyone clamouring to get their morning chores done before the other gets an advantage.

Welcome to my first morning on campus of The University of Sussex. A huge campus, an infinite sea of unfamiliar faces and a maze of buildings. Grocery to be bought, cutlery to be claimed, registration to be done…a long day ahead. Brighton awaits 35 mins away, a whole adventure in itself. Today I have the world at my feet. I can do whatever I want because it is a holiday. Tomorrow I join the fray. My first real lesson at ‘keeping house’.

A rumble in my stomach reminds me I have to figure out my breakfast. And for that, I need to get myself to the co-operative store on campus. Pull out the campus map and try to find it. Before I actually look for it, I take a moment’s pride in myself. For all my life, I have run away from Geography. Today Geography lessons are throwing themselves at my face and I am standing my ground. Maybe it won’t be that bad. I just need to stop being a traveller and become an explorer instead. 😉

So here goes, the shower tap is switched off…maybe I should try my luck at claiming the bathroom. Get out of the luxurious duvet and soak myself in warm water. By Jove, I need it. My arms are still aching from lugging up all the luggage so many stairs up till House No-34. Talk about trying to travel light..!

Oops, here goes the doorbell. No other option but to throw off the duvet (and my sleep) to open up. Alas, the disadvantges of staying on the ground floor. But the kitchen is right next door. So hello, breakfast..! And Good morning, Sussex 🙂


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