London i…!

Friday 21 September, 2012

So officially the last day before my first weekend here begins. There is a party air in the atmosphere already. People are gearing up with their party clothes while I load up on the warm clothes. The wind has started to get chilly. Yes, it bites..! But in the warmth of the ‘happening’ atmosphere around, I doubt that matters.

The culture isn’t quite a shock, but it is still difficult to comprehend. Everyone so decked up, or rather dressed down hehe in as minimum clothes as possible isn’t something I have seen on a daily basis…yet! People aged 16+ already look ‘wasted’. For a minute, I need to check my id card to confirm my age. I look a kindergarten kid in front of them. And that is a little unnerving. Not just clothes, but simply in the way they carry themselves. The ‘don’t-care attitude’ they flaunt so easily.

I am having my own adventure today though. In the bus to Brighton with Anushka, to check out the ‘night life’ as we describe it. Where the Pier lights fascinate us more than the pubs. Where the excitement brings goosebumps more than the chilly rain that just started impromptu. And where we get back ‘on a high’….minus the alcohol 🙂


One thought on “London i…!”

  1. I didn’t know you had started to write such a blog! But this will help you as you go along! Every skill needs to be practiced for refinement. All the Best!

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