Good morning, sunshine.

2 February 2013.

An electric kind of happiness runs through me today. Since childhood, I have been crazy about the sun. So when England decides to allow a little sunshine in its day, it is Heaven on Earth! Off come the sweaters and on come the ‘glares’…! Such a day deserves an outing; wherever whenever.

Everything around looks so different, so ‘ illuminated’. There is warmth in the air and spreading all around too. Strangers share a smile and the bus is filled with chatter. Funny what the sun can do. It got me thinking about how the weather influences us in such little ways. When the clouds appear in the sky, the gloom spreads over all the people beneath it. And when it rains, sadness pervades all around. People weep and literally. I come from the land of sunshine and never have I felt more grateful for it. Until now, the sun was something I took for granted but come England and I began to count my blessings. The soaring, searing temperatures of the hottest regions in India are welcome now.

But when in England, do as the Engalnd-ers 😛 So on with the sweaters and up go the umbrellas. Wrap that scarf lest a chill catches you. But just for now, just for today……good morning, sunshine 🙂man in wheat field


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