The distant horizon.

3 February 2013.

Distance is just a concept. Before I travelled so many miles away, I was of the opposite opinion too. But a few months on this side of the world and the mind is forced to take a different perspective. All that hype about distance creating a gap between people and adding a crack in relationships, it’s all crap.

Because when you really care, no distance is too long. When someone on the other side of the world still looks out for you, the computer screen becomes a friend and the mobile phone an amazing companion. It’s not such a bad thing, this Distance. It allows you to let down your defences and really explore yourself. Overlook the perfections and find the flaws. Work on those flaws until you can step back and look yourself proudly in the mirror. And all the while, there are friends still calling out. People whose lives still include me, whose lives still involve me. The Gossip still finds its way to my ears and the problems still find my shoulder. The only difference this Distance really makes? The physical presence. The feeling of having someone besides you and just enjoying it. The silent assurance down the phone is just not enough. But yes the feeling of picking up the phone and picking up the threads of conversation from where you last left them, when you walked away… that feeling is out of this world!

To all those who mourn at Distance, take a look at the distant horizon. All those familiar faces and places are still there…just a look away. Waiting for you, watching for you 🙂31525_20130126_164945_long_distance_relationship_quotes_02


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