Morning Sickness…!

20 February 2013.

There are some mornings when you just wake up cribbing. Every single thing about the day is wrong. It is raining outside, it is gloomy inside. You don’t want to get out of bed, but you can’t stay in either.

You have nothing to say and so you keep quiet. The people around you wonder what’s wrong when the usually talkative mouth offers monosyllabic replies. You wonder at it yourself! The clouds part and let the sun rays filter through….but that has nil effect too. It all feels wrong…this idleness, this stack of pending work next to you, this utter lethargy seeping through. The mind is bombarding you with lists of Things to do; some more interesting than the others….and yet the body refuses to cooperate.

As of now, all I feel like doing…is sit by the window, put my feet up, grab a mug of coffee and watch the world pass by 🙂

I’ve done enough rushing on my own. Today, even the smile takes a break.Image


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