The voice on the line.

5 March 2013.

Right in the middle of a wonderful dream, the phone buzzed somewhere around me. Pitch darkness enveloped me and yet a shrill ring brought me to consciousness. Disgruntled and highly disoriented, I fumbled vaguely around the room.

‘This better be worth it!’ my mind warned me.

‘Hello?’ The voice down the line spoke. All of a sudden, sleep evaded me and a smile played on my lips. I know that voice, I don’t need the phone’s introduction to that voice. Warmth, happiness and laughter….that voice guarantees me all of this. And so much more….

Ever wondered how a handful of words down the line can make or break your entire day? How just via the voice, a connection is made across distances? The person smiles while talking to you and instinctively it’s contagious. All of a sudden, a picture is painted in front of your eyes….and you can see the person lying across the sofa, flicking the channels with the TV on Mute, checking stuff on the iPad and yet hanging on to every word of yours’. There is nothing ground-breaking in the information you exchange, banal talks…and yet every word seems to make you smile all the more. It feels good, it feels right…the ‘early’ phone call suddenly seems all justified.

Time just flies and yet so much remains unsaid. But the sun is streaming in here and the stomach is growling there. Even good things come to an end and not even a phone call is an exception. But there is a hint of Spring around and there is a definite ‘spring’ in my step today…

All because of the voice down the line…! 🙂Image


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