Full to the brim.

13 March 2013.

The sunlight streaming through the window envelopes me in warm soft glow. The clouds hide those sun rays from time to time and the sun almost flirts with me. I smile upon this thought and leave my comfortable chair to greet the sun at the window. Almost on cue, it pops out from behind a cloud and hits me straight in the face…

I love this warmth. It makes me feel safe; it embraces me and says Don’t worry I will always take care of you. After the brutal winter, sunshine is comforting. As I am lost in thought, the scene in front of my eyes undergoes a change. From fiery orange, the sun has dissolved into a hue of colours. The sky looks like a painting and I am enthralled. For the next couple of minutes, I am lost in rapture.

As the sun dips below the horizon, a peaceful kind of darkness takes its place. The cool evening breeze catches me on my face now and my hair blow in response. I tie them up tight but a few stubborn curls still escape…That’s how it is while dealing with Nature’s beauties. They leave you addicted even before you can catch yourself. One step forward and you can be lost forever…

In those perfect moments, I find pure happiness. The sun has long gone but I am still basking in his glow. The sunshine is now safely stored within…and it will go on to light up the rest of my day. At this particular point, I can ask for nothing more. I have everything I need and miraculously everything I need is exactly what I want.

Right now, it seems like the cup of my happiness is full.

Full to the brim.



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