A harmless Goodbye.

16 March 2013.

Have you ever wished Life had a Pause button? Something that would help you prolong the moment, savour the minutes passing by until it is time to say Goodbye?

It is that time of the year yet again, when summer kicks off and thus begins the journey of constant Goodbyes and Welcome Backs. A myriad collection of adventures and sightings, photographs and rare moments. Excitement of visiting new places and joy of returning to familiar ones……2 months encompass it all. The anxiety, the contagious happiness; it’s all a part of this whirlwind called Summer. An almost addiction of sorts sets in and I cannot stop smiling. The tremor of excitement is felt here….as strong as ever.

I am counting off the hours too. But a part of me wishes I could put off saying Goodbye for a few more hours…

You leave, only to come back and yet today it feels hard. (As hard as it feels every single summer 😉 )6f2c2c192152556f348f1038ffe182c6

Saying this harmless Goodbye…


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