Growing up together…

4 May 2013.

Late at night, by IST standards, my phone buzzes suddenly. Even before I have read the message, a smile forms upon my lips as I see the name of the sender. Her contact picture makes her infectious laughter echo in my ears although she is not even in the same country as mine. There is no introduction, no formalities…all of a sudden the fingers start to spill out everything that’s been in the mind and heart for so long. Almost everything under the sun is talked about in the next few minutes…I marvel at the ease of this friendship. It’s been ages since we’ve actually interacted this way. Always was it reserved for those random walking excuses we created; each time opting for the same companion.

As I sit there in the half-light that the street lamp is spreading in my room, my mind contemplating about what to cook for dinner…my reverie of thoughts is broken by another thought. This person I am talking to, seems so….changed. My heart swells with pride as I realise she is no longer the carrier of the burdens of the world. When I last saw her, she was the one who cried on my shoulder. Today she has squared her shoulders and faced the world head-on. That is when my pride gets tinged with a little disappointment. Would she stop needing me hence?

Suddenly the mention of another friend pops into our late-night rendezvous. As we both ‘back bitch’ about her (which I am sure she will never believe!!), I allow myself yet another smile. Yet another person I have always shared such an amazing comfort level with. Go ages without interacting with her, and still pick up the threads from where they were last left. In her, so many changes perceived over the last few months too. Me at the other end of the continuum, constantly evolving as well.

It’s funny how we’ve always played this balancing game so well. 3 different personalities, each one with such clashing tastes.

I wonder if that’s just a result of what we’ve been doing all our lives?

Growing up together!!advice_fun_message_friends_best_friends__-c13439a285754d2a8035cdd4f79ef8c5_h_thumb


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