Behind every door…

8 May 2013.

Behind every closed door, there is a story…

In the middle of the night, I creep up to go the toilet. The house is cloaked in darkness and resting in silence, so I am careful to tread carefully. As I cross two closed doors on my way, I hear movement from the floor above. And all of a sudden, this thought strikes me. I wonder what happens once the doors shut….

While we are lounging in the dining area, each one with his/her set of deadlines and boredom, there is a sense of familiarity seeping through the room. All day, we flit in and out…bringing with us our own set of smells and noises. But come night and everyone seeks out his/her own comfort zone. Personal space. The doors shut one by one, the locks click in place. And silence pervades throughout the house…

Tonight however, I stand and wonder. What is it behind each closed door? The telltale slit under the door gives a clue to whether the inhabitant is still awake.Perhaps it is just the desk light, and that is not enough to seep through from beneath the doorway. Is the person inside slogging away at his books? Maybe, exams are right around the corner. Is she sitting at her window, lost in thought and trying to pretend the heartache has gone away? Maybe, nobody can really comfort her. Is he chatting nineteen to dozen with his friend who just returned from a month’s stay in China? Perhaps, a lot can happen within a month. Is she fast asleep, tired with getting through the day? Probably, sitting around can get exhausting. Or maybe there is the inmate on the ground floor, sitting on her bed and writing about her thoughts via a blog post…!

I don’t know, and I never will. Maybe the masks come off and true emotions surface once the doors shut. Perhaps it is finally a place where you can smile and cry without anyone pestering you with questions. And probably the irony of the situation is that behind each closed door, each one is left truly alone…

All I know is, behind each closed door is a story…door_closing


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