When your best friend comes visiting…

6 June 2013.

After absolute ages (or so it seems!), I wake up on my own bed. Enveloped in the duvet, I enjoy lazing around for a while. All of a sudden, the emptiness of the room catches my eye and sleep totally evades me.

For the past 12 days, she was here. My best friend ever. She was in my room and a part of my life. Live chats all through the day and night. On the day of her arrival, my feet danced around and my mouth couldn’t stop smiling. It seemed a really long time since I had last seen her. I must have bugged my flatmate with my maniac grins but the happiness was much too overwhelming to hide. As expected, she reached the bus station before I could. And yet as I ran over a minute later, her arms just opened wide. In 14 years of our friendship, I doubt we’ve ever hugged…yet that day, there was no other apt way of saying Welcome.

The next few days passed by in a blur. She seemed to fit in just perfect, yet in her eyes I saw how different I was to her. In the way I walked and in the way I talked; there was a part of me that she hadn’t met before. We always claimed our friendship wouldn’t change, but as we grow up the differences creep in. In our life choices, in our dietary requirements. We are rigid and yet we can be flexible. Whether we would, is something situation governs. Her eyes reflected me as a stranger, and yet she still remains the only one I am perfectly comfortable with. She and another equally old friend waiting back home. As we created new memories together, in a place far removed from home, I realized we were struggling to create a rapport yet again.

And then it suddenly happened. Sitting in the train, we mirrored each other’s actions unconsciously. And a laughter fest followed. The ‘M’ effect strikes! As tears rolled down our cheeks and we created a din in the otherwise ‘well-behaved’ train, the walls we had built around ourselves melted slowly. We still kept up our facade all the 12 days and yet the old us shined through quite clearly. Perhaps that is why it seemed perfectly natural that she was here with me. Perhaps that is why I took her for granted all the while she was here. Perhaps that is why I didn’t go the extra mile for her, whereas she had travelled thousands just for me…

Today it feels odd and empty without her. As life gets back to routine, I want her here again. So I can say Sorry and start afresh. So I can once again be the friend she had waved Goodbye to, 9 months ago. As I type all this, I suddenly see her face in my mind. Shaking her head at my ‘hyped’ reaction and yet somewhere deep inside, glad I am acknowledging this.

She travelled to discover herself, and in the process helped me find myself.

This is what happens…..when your best friend comes visiting.

You find yet another reason of why you love her so much! ❤

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