An hour at the beach…

8 June 2013.

I was a mere silhouette against the fading sky. Leaning against a shop shutter, I was feeding my hungry stomach. A ray of sunshine just about illuminated me, casting me in half-light while the other half of me rested in shade.

There was something about this spectacle that attracted me many warm smiles. Couples strolled by, hand-in-hand while I stood there all alone. But the roaring wind and the crashing waves provided ample background music. In the chaos of city life and due to the constant race against time, there hardly exists a moment to interact with myself. But today standing a little aloof from the crowd and yet part of the chaos, I found my own ‘space’. Right there, amidst the hurrying crowd.

As the UK chapter slowly but steadily reaches its close, I realise I have fallen in love with my surroundings. Over the year, Brighton has come to mean the world to me. Its beach has absorbed many a tear from me and its Lanes have echoed my laughter. On rainy days, it offers me solace and sunny days fill me with exuberance. Every little thing of this city has become special now. From the nightclubs of Brighton (haven’t been inside a single one!) to its sunsets (witnessed almost each one!!)…

I stand there quietly eating when it suddenly sinks in…Brighton has given me so much.

It has taught me to walk faster and stand taller.

It has shown me how joy lies in selfless deeds and expectations only ruin the scene.

It has given me new friends and newer experiences. It helped revive old acquaintances and strengthen old bonds.

And more than anything, it has taught me to adapt to strange surroundings and grow to love it with all the eccentricities.

My land of Enid Blyton books materialised into a real world.

In England, my imagination has finally made peace with the reality.

At dusk, this realisation dawned… 🙂DSC_0074


One thought on “An hour at the beach…”

  1. Hi Shivani,
    Frankly speaking, I have always been fan of your writing and at the moment I see all adjectives worthless to fulfill the demand of your writings.
    I also have been woven in this passion of expressing ourselves. And it causes me to open up new platform to share my small experiences. I am often not an expert on what I am writing on but I like to share opinions..
    I expect, you would help me to run this train in the all walks of sharing experiences.
    Thank you!!!

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