Where my feet take me…

16 June 2013.

I have been doing a lot of sitting down lately.

Loads of reading, writing, reading again….occasional movement provided as I cross the 20 steps to reach the kitchen. Feed myself, sit down for a good read to accompany the food. Obviously, a lethargy has begun to creep in. A feeling where sleep is more than welcome, where taking a seat seems far better than finding a path to walk on.

So today I decided to break the routine. Slip on my shoes and head out.

To wherever my feet take me.

A gust of wind catches my hair, tosses it around. Leaves it in tangles. And unaware even to me, also leaves behind a smile. Perhaps borrowed, perhaps stolen from some other deserving face…but at the moment, rightfully mine. My feet take me across the campus and over the hill. My breathing becomes heavy, my t-shirt starts to stick to my back. The grass has grown quite a lot since I last walked this way. The overall appearance of the place is changed, it seems almost brand new.

And so my feet begin exploring.

They stop short at a rabbit hole; they take the path of snails. They jump over puddles formed by the recent rain and they squelch through muddy routes. The wind makes its appearance felt every so often and a freshness courses through my veins. All the pent-up energy surfaces and I walk on. Without a destination in mind, I just walk on. The journey always more pleasurable. There comes a point when I have lost track of where I am. Mechanically but willingly, I trudge on.

The wind has been broken by the canopy of trees over me but as I came out into a clearing, the wind catches me once again. This time the force is stronger, I have to hold on to myself. My hair lash out, my face feels the pricking. I am pushed and pulled, because the wind has my back (quite literally!) The sky begins to lose light and so my conscious decision to turn back, to head back to where my books await. Where the chair remains, warm and wanting my presence.

But here is where the real struggle begins. The wind is stopping me, almost as if trying to dissuade me.

I walk. I persist. Against the wind, against the flow.

IMG_1137 (Small)

I dare to rebel, to take my own path. To carve out my journey.

Because that is where my feet will take me…


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