Big ‘Ben’

24 June 2013.

I know what the title makes you think of. A towering landscape, dominating the cityscape; an integral part of the London skyline.

It makes me think of someone just like that. Towering in stature, dominating the household with her disarming smile; an integral part of my year in England. This ‘ben’ however is much more approachable than the actual version. Oh yes, but she does make a great tourist destination!

I am wondering how to introduce her here. No I haven’t known her for ages, nor have I grown up in front of her eyes. I heard her name 6 years ago; I only attached a face to that name last year and promptly forgot it the next moment. Both from the same city, with one pivotal mutual friend it is weird how this introduction never occurred until 6 months ago when I finally gathered up the courage to write her an email.

A one-liner reply with her contact number attached, my mind quickly scratched her off the list. Perhaps it was a rather long shot, expecting someone to remember my face when I had forgotten hers’ already. Besides my 10 lines had been received with no enthusiasm (that is what it seemed to me then!) so it was obvious we would have nothing in common.

Nothing to talk about, and her nickname adding to my doubts. Definitely kaku-material!

Yet again a lesson in how First Impressions aren’t always right.

Or maybe there hadn’t been enough time given to form that First Impression until then….

As Luck would have had it, a few weeks later I was in the train heading to her house. Putting behind all my apprehensions, I decided to give this a try. And am I glad I did..! A talkative sister, a sleepy son, a friendly husband all welcomed me into the house…and amidst all that, there she stood, a warm and welcoming smile on her face. It put me at ease and from then on, I felt at home. Literally.

From waking up the last in the house to spilling red wine all over the carpet; discussing books to commenting on the cheesiest movies possible…she’s allowed me everything. Scolding me when necessary and pampering me unnecessarily, she just literally grew on me. And there came a point when I realised without her, Life was void.

My email has finally found its response. Not in a typed lengthy reply but via each random message and phone call that comes through ‘just because’…

It’s not always that you find someone so much like you. It is not very often that you walk into a strange house and walk out with a family. And it is definitely not every day that I write a blog on someone.

It needs to be someone who really inspires these words; someone who is special.

It has to be my big ‘ben’.


P.S: The image ‘just because’..! 😉



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