Har ek friend jaroori hota hai!

5 August 2013.

The Friendship Day fever is still in the air and the dedicated status messages on Facebook are still doing the rounds. My Facebook friend list has 1000+ people in it; all of whom I know personally and yet I wasn’t tagged in a single post yesterday. No photos with me uploaded as cover pics but yes, I woke up to an inbox flooded with messages. All heartfelt, all true.

What once had started off as a competition between friendship bands has now dwindled into a calculation of text messages, fuelled by the occasional lunch meets and dinner dates. And yet there is something about Friendship Day that keeps bringing a smile on my face, year after year…

I sit back and wonder at this juncture…if someone asked me to define Friendship, what would I say?

Would there be a particular character sketch I would conjure up; or would it be one photograph that I would produce as an epitome?

I’ve been fortunate to have made friends (and quickly) wherever I went. And as expected, each friend has been different. Each person adding a layer, each personality enhancing mine.

She who let me hide my shyness behind her ‘bindaas’ attitude; he who pushed me forward to fight my own battles. She who knew me like the lines on her own hand and he who made me explore myself like never before. She who cried in my arms and he who wiped my tears. She who shocked me with her mad antics and he who ridiculed me over mine. She who reminded me of my own worth; he who provided the much necessary criticism to keep my feet on the ground. She who chides me over not sticking to the time given and he who makes me lose all sense of time. She who will never expose me and he who will always protect me.

At each bend of the road, I have found a He and She waiting for me. Today I have a wonderful mix of such people who keep an eye out and ears open for when I need them; and yet who never actually need that call. Who just know. Instinctively.

Like that random group chat that repeated its own history and got my stomach aching with so much laughter. Like that surprise package that landed in my postbox, having no sender name and yet speaking clearly through its contents. Like that movie marathon never complete without its last member and like that joke never funny without the third set of eyes as a witness.

Today all these people are across the screen, miles away. And yet this is exactly how I would define Friendship if anyone asked me tonight.

It is that feeling when even an empty room is capable of overflowing with just sheer memories.



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