Word p(l)ays!

5 December 2013.

It is after a really long time that I have taken the efforts to sit back and write. I can feel the excitement surging through my fingers as words jostle with each other to make their way through. As I write, it seems like I have stayed away from these words for too long. And yet, for the past month, I have done nothing but write.

The endless run for finding ‘something constructive to do’ has found its end. Perhaps it is more of a comma, than a full stop really…but for now, I rest here. With a freelancing job in hand and another full-time one challenging ahead, I find myself writing day in and day out. The same headings deserve drastically different content as the organization I write for changes. But the essential requirement remains the same: Create an impact! The language changes as the audience does, the vocabulary changes as the matter does…the efforts to leave impressions through words never really ceases. And with it, two eyes always bore in my back. Making me bend and adapt to fit the bill!

As I write this though, nothing is checking me. I feel liberated because I am back to where I began. When I was writing for myself.

And yet I must accept….that despite all these word plays that I’ve always been so fond of, the words sure pay! 🙂