Silently ‘audible’

23 January 2014.
It is amazing, the things you can come across in dusty corners of your home and mind. A chance conversation with a friend, few nights ago stirred up memories from a decade ago…and so my hands reached into the darkest corners of my drawers and pulled out witnesses of the yesteryears.
A religiously maintained diary; duly recorded moments…an embarrassing collection of some absolutely memorable times. Thanks to fancy cell cameras that capture high-quality pictures, old and forgotten remarks got shared across distances within seconds, and in a new light.
A few years ago, this distance stretched across a few feet…the receiver sitting in the window right opposite mine. Today he’s in the same city, thankfully just a few kilometres away but unfortunately no longer the ‘guy next door’. Sharing those laughs and reliving the growing-up moments with him makes me catch a breath. The baseless infatuations died a decade ago, but the smile still lingers. The friendship that was meant to be survived all that stupidity…and today stands strong, an improved and a mature version!
Our heads still instinctively turn though, when those school-time taunts fly with the wind and whisper in our ears. It’s all there…silent yet audible. To my ears and his 🙂


2 thoughts on “Silently ‘audible’”

  1. HI Shivani!! I guess its time I called you by your name!!:P ( though my mind still doesn’t agree to it!!:( ) I was just going through some of your writings! Absolutely liked each and everyone of them, but no doubt this has to be my favorite!!:) I don’t think I’ve made any mistake guessing the ‘guy next door’!!:P Looking for more from you!:)

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