Zindagi ke Nukks nikalna!

1 March 2014.
Dinner is over, sleep is slowly making its presence felt just as I feel my phone burst into that familiar Pirates of the Caribbean ringtone. A disgruntled me forces an eye open (I had been catching my forty winks before the actual stupor hit me!). Our first photo together flashes on the screen and a smile automatically writes itself on my face.
It’s that time of the week, it’s that time of the night. Dinner is done, the utensils are all washed. The laptop is playing a movie in the background but the focus is on us. Slouched at the dining table, slumped against it; capturing the big soft sofa and not letting go of the chair at the same time!!
I need her there, a witness to my life. Patiently hearing me yak about life and consistently reminding me of how I should learn to also shut up and listen. After almost 365 nights of regular sleepovers, the first night I spent alone was scary. My perfect roomie, my best enemy and my worst friend! She complements me, she criticises me and yet she not just tolerates me but actually loves me!
Today I hear her voice across the country and I feel a great urge to tell her how much I miss having her around. How much a house, any house somehow seems incomplete without her presence. How the kitchen erupts into aroma once she decides to ‘feed me something’. How she mimics people and makes me laugh but also quickly shifts into the Psychologist mode when I need a listening ear. She’s heard me out without ever actually writing me a cheque…but today I want to attempt to start paying her debt.
Mere zindagi ke Nukks nikalke 😉 Because Life will always remain incomplete without you to dance with and you to sing with and you to just gossip with..!!
It’s been a journey, travelling from the same country, landing up in the same house, sharing the same philosophies of life and yet being so different from each other!
Tonight, I just feel like saying…
I miss having you around. I miss running up the stairs to tell you something absolutely irrelevant. I miss you with your terrible TV serials and with your horribly good advice.
That’s just what I wished to say actually. That I miss you!


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