Die Another Day

7 March 2014
The Jiah Khan suicide case was in the papers again a few days ago. Despite myself, I found myself reading that article…that and around hundred odd suicide reports that spread over a few sheets of paper, within a short span of time. I wouldn’t say I’m interested, but intrigued I definitely am.
What compels a person to end his/her own life? What went so wrong that even the morning light began to seem too harsh for their eyes?
I know it’s easy to stand by the sidelines and comment. To sympathise but never truly understand. How each night’s loneliness begins to gnaw away at happiness. How each achievement seems worthless without timely approval. How the stress to fit in actually pushes someone towards a final exit. How even dreams turn into ashes without a dreamer crazy enough.
I’ve been on the receiving end of suicide news’ before. I know I’ll remain on its receiving end. But I wish in some way I could try and convey this to anyone even remotely contemplating on this being the solution to any problem…
That the patience of another day might have turned your world around.
That a little less fear and a little more assertiveness might have turned a rejection into acceptance.
That no problem is too big and no solution too small. That nothing is impossible actually.
That there is a light shining, at the end of each tunnel. Bringing in a little warmth through all that dampness.
The light is there because someone cares.
Because someone somewhere finds sunrise in your smile. Seeks solace in your company and forgoes all sorrow in the light of your sole happiness.
The light is burning while hands protect it from wind. Lend a hand, don’t be the puff of wind…
Let Nature takes its course, don’t hurry the process because you’re tired.
For the sake of a life waiting to be lived, die another day…



One thought on “Die Another Day”

  1. Somethings trigger these thoughts in the minds of people. Some happenings of the past and the repetition of those in forms of sightings or memories triggers the final thought. The important thing to realize is that one next day can bring a hell lot of a difference into their lives. That can be a turning point, a life changer. Very well written, brilliant (y)

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