I O U…!!

26 March 2014.
The summer breeze was lifting his hair softly, playing with it and bringing it to rest as he chatted with me. Those silky locks of hair distracted me and I smiled to myself.
For years I have been sitting across him. The lines on his face have changed, matured and yet his smile hasn’t changed a bit. The delicious laughter that spreads through him each time he enjoys a private joke; that slight nodding of head as he chats to himself. I sit there, lost in thought even while he tells me about his day. I know that face, those hand gestures and those reactions like the back of my hand…I’ve known him that long! And yet today it seems like it’s the first time I’ve met him.
As he teases me and laughs not just at me but with me, my heart flutters with happiness. Sheer satisfaction, utter bliss…
Caught up in a reverie of love, I lock eyes with my best friend. Life has been a roller coaster ride with him, scary at times, thrilling otherwise. I’ve screamed but with his hand holding mine tightly. He bores me sometimes and yet boring is exciting with him. Today sitting across him, I look back at the 7 years gone past. How Life has changed and how it has blossomed.
All that love, laughter and so much more…I O it to U! ❤



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