A Ruby among Stones…

17 June 2014.
The day began as usual; same reluctance to leave the bed, same lethargy to get ready in record time and same routine kicking in as the clock struck 9 am.
It was his birthday and I was hoping for at least a few bubbles of excitement fizzing within me. I’ve been obsessed with birthdays since forever; be it my own or of any and everyone I know. The entire process of ‘making’ a gift to making the birthday special absolutely thrills me. For the closest of my friends, I have not ‘made’ but ‘written’ gifts. Especially from the time I’ve figured I have a knack for writing.
And so obviously that excitement about his birthday was hoping to materialise through a writeup…
But I’ve spent almost 2 weeks scratching my head over a decent gift. I filtered through what I can ‘make’, then thought up of stuff I could ‘buy’ and then eventually turned to just ‘writing’ away a special birthday wish. But at the end of all these efforts, I was still lost for inspiration. Zilch!
So I thought back (and he helped by sending a picture of all the gifts made so far…) and the irony of this friendship suddenly hit me hard.
He has been one of my closest friends for almost a decade now. He’s seen me ridiculously attired with two ‘Maggi noodles’ plaits and also helped me shop for ‘something, anything more flattering!’ We’ve spent more time ridiculing others than complimenting ourselves. I’ve had too many moments filled with laughter with him to even think back to that one time he made me cry. And so looking back, the fact that I know him so well drives home the truth that I have no gift in hand for him.
After so many years, I realise, there remains no perfect gift for him. All I can really really offer him is a promise of many more wonderful moments ahead…and heartfelt gratitude about the years gone past. Because out of the many stones I stumbled upon in my journey so far, one actually turned out to be a ‘precious’ one! 😉
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! 🙂