That’s what best friends do…

3 August 2014.
I’m wide awake although it’s past my bedtime, thinking about the day that’s just gone. A normal Sunday really, with the somewhat contagious Friendship Day fever in the air.
It’s been a slightly exhausting day for me, what with an age-old ache resurfacing for the day. I’ve had this pain in my legs for quite some years now; a side-effect of a sudden growth spurt some 14 years ago.
Almost around the same time, I found myself two friends for life. The doctor diagnosed the pain as something that affected ‘1 in 100 children’ and I found friends that were ‘one-in-a-million’.
Today is probably the 15th Friendship Day the three of us have celebrated, and it’s almost amusing to hear how our topics have slowly shifted from worrying about completing tomorrow’s homework to sharing concerns about what lies ahead…
Years ago, these talks happened over glasses of milk in the middle of the day; today they take place over cups of coffee and late night. The coffee is super strong because I was much too busy chatting to notice the amount of coffee powder I put in. But my friends don’t blink an eyelid at the sudden shock of caffeine that hits their system. They simply gulp it down, assuring me that’s just the way they like it! Since when, I ask. Just for tonight, they are quick to quip.
We laugh over old photos that we find, marveling how everything but our faces have changed over the years. We silently mourn the growing up that’s going to take us away from each other.
In the next few months, we’ll stop being the friends who live down the lane. But no distance can actually come between this friendship.
Because that’s what best friends do…
They forget to forget all about each other, no matter how long it’s been since the last catch -up and how far it may be to each other’s houses!
You just pick up the strings, from where you’d last left them. That’s exactly what best friends do!



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