Beach sadak…

20-21 June 2015.
The window is rolled down, the wind blowing through my hair. Raindrops falling gently on my face and my heart lifting with joy. I want to get up and dance but at the moment, I am sitting in a car. Stuck in a queue of cars, lined up at the railway crossing. We’re in traffic but the frustration is missing. Random songs are playing on the car stereo and yet each song seems romantic. The weather is responsible for that!
Have you ever visited a place when the tourist websites say it is the worst time to visit? Done nothing but spend an entire weekend getting drenched in the crazy downpour? Walked on the beach when the tide is high and fierce? Rode on roads that are in the danger of turning into rivers? Walked up a hill with 650 stone steps, covered with slippery moss and while it’s raining heavily?
I have just had a weekend that says Yes to all the above questions. A weekend that challenged the definition of Crazy and yet which also redefined it. An order in the chaos, a chaos created in the otherwise orderly life. Traveling with two friends, both as impromptu, the weekend was as spontaneous as it could get. A plan planned by the rains rather than us. Because it was essentially all about the rains…
It was about rediscovering the magic of rains, the lost innocence of childhood. The thrill of getting drenched in the rains without worrying about the safety of mobile phones. The excitement of jumping in puddles despite the disapproving looks all around. The solitude of walking on a deserted beach with nothing and no one but the raging rains and the roaring waves for company.
You stand on a pier with the wind blowing hard, the fishermen struggling against the force of the sea and you wonder…
Where do you fit in the scheme of things? It rains without me, the birds fly without my help, the waves in the sea are created without me. The rivers flow their own course, the trees look after their own growth. The flowers bloom, the animals roam. Nature waxes and wanes, without needing me at all.
I am walking down the beach thinking these thoughts, two kindred spirits by my side. We have travelled together and yet here we are, each caught up in an individual bubble. Removed from the madness of a hectic life, getting in touch with the finer things of life yet again. Blocking thoughts of financial pressures at the cost of truly priceless experiences. I share a comfortable silence with my companions. Three sets of footsteps walk in sync, the memory of this immortal weekend binding us together.
As we walk on the beach, lost in thought, I meet a myself that had lost herself in the rat race called Life. And it hits me, Nature might not need me to bloom and grow, but it can do with a witness. To justify the beauty of it all, to drink it in, to preserve it in memory for as long as I live…
A walk to remember, beach sadak… šŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Beach sadak…”

  1. It’s more than a company of person at that time, but company of thoughts and realisation is what really gives you a real inner piece. A new energy to go more in day to day life. Good said.

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