Because I love you….!

From the archives……

06 March, 2012.

Life comes with a twist. Just when things are going your way, there comes a speedbreaker or when luck is on a holiday, there comes a bend. The view is blocked, the future uncertain.

What do you do then?

Take a breath, enjoy the scenery!

The trees are an inspiration. They let their roots in, hold on tight. Never to let go. Always there.

You are like that. My anchor. My inspiration. My reality check.

Sometimes I hate you to the core, at least in my mind I imagine it so. Sometimes I can’t love you enough. It’s a roller coaster, living you is.

Most times it’s sunny in my world but sometimes it rains. Downpours never-ending. Then you are the umbrella.

Letting out your spokes, me holding on tight. Never leaking. Always there.

At times you are the whiff of freshly-brewed coffee. Refreshing yet with a tinge of bitterness. But at the end, there’s always unstirred sugar.

That was the whole objective. Reaching to the depths, discovering the tightly stuck sugar. Always there, a spoon’s touch away.

You are the tickle that spreads a giggle through me. I hate the way it catches me unaware, but the unpredictability is the crux.

It’s always there. A part of my ‘routine’, never leaving.

You are like a blanket. Protecting me from the troubles outside. Yet darkness prevails inside. Touch accentuates, and warmth creeps through me.

I know the cold within me won’t leave that easily. But you will bring warmth. As always.

You are like this impromptu article. Not knowing your aim, but the passion intact.

The underlying principle holding the diversity in you together. You can never fall apart, because I am there.

Always there. Loving you forever.

Holding you together…!

Dear Life, for all those times when we have disappointed each other, not held up each other’s expectations, or simply turned our backs on each other…..this is just a reminder!

Because I love you…! 🙂



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