My Best Friend’s Wedding

06 December 2015.

“I’m getting married!” My mobile phone beeped. It was a message from my best friend. He was getting married in December, finally!! He had been waiting for this day to dawn for as almost as long as I can remember. I shared in his happiness whole-heartedly because I knew both of them were looking forward to this ‘update’ in their relationship status.

I saw my best friend get pre-wedding jitters; unsure of whether he could live up to all his promises of a wonderful life together. I received texts from him while he was away on his bachelor party, sharing his excitement about this long-awaited day edging closer.

I joined him on a shopping trip, for the perfect wedding suit. His choice expensive, his taste simple. I shared in the anticipation of the fittings, the weight-loss regimes to fit perfectly in to it.

With just 2 days left to the wedding, I received a photograph on my phone. His hands were adorned with mehendi, her name etched in to the design. I smiled, enjoying his embarrassment.

He got married, his Facebook picture proof of his happiness. He was all smiles, and so was she. “God bless them,” I whispered as I hit ‘Like’.   In a house inhabited by the two of them, I saw my best friend set up house. Buying furniture, getting the house painted, decorating the niches of the house. Together, they turned the house into their home.

I was amazed to see this change in my best friend. His tantrums subsided, his flaring temper surfacing far and few. He sulked but only for a few seconds. A lazy bum as I used to think of him, I saw him take the efforts to maintain a household. He shared pictures of his bandaged hand, proof of a disastrous adventure in the kitchen. He narrated incidents of recipes gone wrong, moments captured perfect, happiness galore in all their struggles.

I saw my best friend be perfect, at his imperfectness in being an ideal husband. Over the year, my best friend changed in many ways than one. He showed me a side of his I’d never seen before, despite the fact that I’ve known him for almost a decade now.

Today, my best friend celebrates his first wedding anniversary and the couple have already been on a number of adventures together. From the snow-laden streets of Almora to the beaches of Andamans, from the unexplored terrains of Meghalaya to the raw beauty of Bhimgad, right up to the familiar forest of Ranthambhore.

They are back, to where it all began….to kick off their next year of marital bliss coupled with adventure, laughter, love and madness.

Today, I celebrate my best friend’s wedding anniversary with him…

At Ranthambhore…

As his wife!