The Silent Spectator.

28 February 2016.
Do you remember how we met?
I don’t.
The more I try to stretch my memory, the more I am lost. There is no ‘screaming’ memory of having met you. Because since forever, you have been a quiet little,sweet little girl. Fair with chini-mini eyes, the kiddo version of you was nothing less than a doll. Dressed up in lacy clothes, I almost felt you were one. Afraid to touch you, lest you break. Somehow your fragileness always kept me away; regarding you always as someone’s sister and never as you yourself.

It is funny how Life had other plans for us. All those years when we played together, performed in dances together…all we really exchanged were smiles. But out of those four protective walls and suddenly we were the thickest of friends. Starting off together as instructors on Ground was a leap I couldn’t have taken without you.
And till date, I am thankful it was You and no one else.

Because that one step made me walk many a mile with you. Literally we’ve walked all over Pune (at your speed too!!) and metaphorically we’ve walked off the years. Today the path we’ve left behind is filled with nothing but sweet memories. The lingering fragrance is a reminder across the miles, that someone somewhere is always going to be there for me.

Your crazy infectious laugh and your willing feet that accompanied me everwhere, your enthusiasm in planning surprises and your fright upon receiving them yourself….every moment spent with you is crystal clear in my memory.
Only one aspect of you remains obscure. You see, nowhere have I mentioned ‘talking’ with you….so often have we made you our ear. The ‘trikut’ is incomplete without the one person sitting in between, listening to two randomly parallel stories, one in each ear…..always there for us, always a silent spectator.

And yet, every single life needs that silence. A person who doesn’t need to be heard but who listens to all that needs to be said.

For without that silent spectator, life would be meaningless.

Now and forever.




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