Tall, dark and handsome!

As sudden as the idea of writing this blog popped into my mind, that sudden was his entry into my life. Tall, dark and handsome is how I saw him then…see him now. One fine day I woke up and there he was. Looking back at me, with a smile on his face. That smile is destructive. He doesn’t know its power himself. Leaves all girls who’re faced with him in a frenzy. Left me the same way too. Constantly engaged in a struggle to get that smile to play on his lips, just for me….

Over time, sometimes that smile slipped. And that is when I saw the vulnerable him. My ‘superhuman’ had a down side too. Like a roller coaster our lives are. And his was no exception. I lived those ups and downs with him….and with every ‘bend in the road’, found myself more and more involved. I learnt as I loved, lived as I loved.

With him by my side, I grew. Shed away my childish airs and embraced a little ‘grown up’ ness. He changed me, that guy did. In every way possible. And for that I am thankful……ever grateful.

Because he taught me to love……

The life that is given!


A host of people.

The idea just fluttered into my mind, one fine day, in between conversations. I teased a friend about writing a book on him and lightening struck.

Maybe not a book, but how about a blog? A post per person. For the ways the individual touched my life, left me changed…either happy or shattered. The one realisation stays true. That no matter the amount of happiness or sorrow brought along by that person, he/she have made me what I am today.

For good or for bad, I owe my life to them.

My independent being is shaped by them, and for that sole reason…

My personal tribute to the ‘host of people’ in my life! 🙂